(Track 3)
Satanic Verses
Pigeons From Hell c.1988

Oh the power of an older brother's four track recorder and the flip the tape over method which we (and nearly every budding music affeccionado) found to be much more fun than Steve's parents' answering machine, a gift from god during the angsty preteen years. I especially like the backwards "Bob!" and Steve's palindrome attempts "A Man a Plan A Canal Panama."

the Bob later reappeared as the name of my next band Subliminal Bob, which is also an homage to the Church of Subgenius' deity Bob Dobbs as well as our carpenter friend Bob who was the coolest rock guy on Long island to go to church every Sunday.

Thankx to my brother and Pigeons From Hell co-conspiritor D.J. Chilly for unearthing all of these tracks for us. Hey I just had a thought. this took me longer to write this lil blurb than it did to record the song.

Pigeons From Hell were: Steve Pav, Attaboy, D.j. Chilly

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