(Track 2)
My Dog's the AntiChrist
Subliminal Bob 1992
Pigeons From Hell 1988

A song originally created by Steve Pav and I in Pigeons from Hell, this version of AntiChrist was recorded by a techno Genius called Joe Magic, a family man rumor has it he has just moved to a Disney community who also just happened to create a big rukkus in the dance world with a Phone Sex Techno Song. Being the first live band Joe recorded in his living room/den studio, he forgot to move the pet bunny rabbit while recording the drum track, causing said bunny to erupt in a puddle of pee, irreversible hearing damage, and the lil flop earred was never the same. The story is that the bunny died, but my take is that the bunny wished he were dead, as i have a big soft spot fer bunnies. Guitarist Stevie D. found it best to use a special crap tuned guitar for this song. We made a video for this song in an abandoned shack with the friendliest dog who coincidentally kept poking his head into the window as we shot the video in the bathtub. The earliest version of this song was first played live for a North Shore youth Council talent show filled with 3rd graders and their infuriated parents. A sticky situation ensued. Later on the song was played at a college block party where an old lady fell and broke her hip, causing the show to end, the stage being forced to move, and make room for the ambulance. So much trouble over a song that sounds kinda like a Primus song in retrospect.

Subliminal Bob were: Ralph J., Dave D., Stevie D., and Attaboy
Pigeons From Hell were: Steve Pav, Attaboy, D.j. Chilly

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