(Track 14)
Kiwi Fruit
Pigeons From Hell c. 1998

A song that still haunts me to the day in a sybiotic way. it will never die.and its my fault.

This is actually the second version of Kiwi Fruit. the first being even more low fi. and the third recorded by Sub Bob, which seems to have an extroidinary amount of kiwi fruit choruses. I now do this ala mode whenever someone heckles me for it. The last time that happened I made a guy pay me a quarter to do it. and man was it a shiny quarter.

That's Steve smelling like a genius on lead Vocals. Im the kiwi voice without pitch shift surprisingly.

Steve and I would write 15 songs in an afternoon playing pool. and sometimes it shows.

Pigeons From Hell were: Steve Pav, Attaboy, D.j. Chilly

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