(Track 12)
Pigeons from Hell c.1989

Steve and I started mixing more sounds together "live" to 4 track (as if thats even possible), each with our own input sounds, and each with a turntable proviode by my D.J. brother, Chilly. And this is the result. the venerable Ken Nordine appears in there unbeknownst to me at the time as well as the mandatory godzilla sounds, animals and gun shots like they're getting shot and tortured, and the best part is the "head trip.." sample made to sound like "tripperhead."

Ok, so we just heard Nine Inch Nails for the first time, so give us a break. It was like 10th grade or something. Later Steve went on to do real audio collage on the radio with Combined Effect. SO there.

Pigeons From Hell were: Steve Pav, Attaboy, D.j. Chilly

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