(Track 10)
Shut Up
Subliminal Bob c. 1991

Recorded in a hobby studio of the guy who's pool and yard Dave and I used to clean during the summers, Its got a cool live sound and was an attempt at us getting all tough....or something.l; the Lyrics I wrote were about having to sleep next to my little brother on the fold out couch and him kicking me all night.

But the lyrics are indeed super weak. Shoulda just called it "Fold Out Couch," but no, I had to get all angsty.... cuz i hated sleeping on a couch. (cry for me argentina)

But man them Sub Bobbers could play and i Love the sound on this recording. And Dave's cowbell signal makes me smile. Ralphs part is hypnotic and Stevie D. coulda been in a real band instead of with an idiot in a striped shirt. sigh..

Subliminal Bob were: Ralph J., Dave D., Stevie D., and Attaboy

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