The Green Chair

What can I say about the green chair? Its my couch, my chair thats not the drawing chair, and the most glorious color.
One night I nearly painted on it for the yumfactory show, but just couldnt. This chair will follow me around til I croak. After a day of hunched over drawin', it does its best to straighten out my posture. "All hail its mightyness." you may be seated.

Little Miss No Name

1965 was a wonderful year in toy history. And Little Miss No Name is living proof, yes living! Made by Hasbro, shes eerily the spookiest doll ever mass produced. If I had a time machine, Id go back to the line review where Little Miss first appeared. Just imagine all the sweaty old men in 3 piece suits sittin' around smoking, looking at the years toy candidates and saying , "Yes! That is the doll we have to make this year!" She came in this burlap dress (safety pinned closed), no shoes, and a plastic tear adhered to her face. Rumour has it, if you put a penny in her outstretched hand youll be cursed. I'm lucky just to have her. Or does she have me? hmmmm...

Dead Milkmen Set List

From one of the band's last shows and a sovenier to the most amazing show with the worst crowd Ive ever seen. I love the Milkmen and finally, after years of waiting to see them I got my chance to see them at the Wetlands in NYC. I was right up front, pushed up to the low stage by an audience of drunk idiots. Well, someone threw a beer bottle at Rodney the singer guy and it landed on the keyboards he was trying to play, dowsing the keyboards with beer, cutting open Rodneys arm, and squirting blood on my shirt and the rest of the crowd. Rodney kept playing, sucking his wound during Stewart as ButterflyJoe sang. I was mopping up the beer from the keys with my now bloody shirt as we tried to revive it. The set list says: "The rest of my Toenail collection is in my freezer, Butterfly Joe Fairweather."

Toy Accordian

My neighbors must hate me. I play the SAME SONG everytime I mess around with this thang, usually in the dead of night, covered in paint. Some hot shot muscian told me its really not an acccordian, but a harmonica. Well to me, its not a harmonica, its the only thing that prevents my Tv from crashing though my window when Im angry. I'm certain that if a ton of these were air bombed upon the middle east, they'd stop fighting over this God thing and tap into their hidden Klezmer. I used to use this as an introduction to the Solo shows Id do back in them olden days. To those in the audience back then, I'm sorry.

Jimmy of the Future,
3 Stooges, and George Liquor Dolls

Spumco is insane. Jimmy's got nipples on his feet. And a vac formed Space Helmet. he came in a space ship box with his foot sticking out. All nippley and such. George came in an all American house box, and the Stooges came just the way they are, perfect. You can take thier clothes off. You can shower with them. I havent, but you might want to. Really, I havent. Honest.


Jotto Siebold is my favorite kid's book illustrator. These were banners from the SF Zoo. I nearly broke my neck trying to hang them up in the Yumfactory hallway. Damn, Theyre great.

City of Lost Children

My favorite movie of all time. Never seen anything like it. I often say theres 5 American movies in just this one French movie. I should learn French just so I dont have to read the subtitles. A friend of mine made me see when it came out in Nyc and I am eternally grateful. Although I was broke, I managed to scrape up the dough to see it twice. I see it in theaters ever chance i get.